ECO SWISS is a tax-exempt non-profit association based in Zurich. ECO SWISS was founded in 1969 by interested business circles.

The association pursues the promotion of environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection in industrial and commercial companies.

The association maintains the exchange between the association members and the various actors in these topics. Furthermore, the association offers or arranges professional advice for members and other interested parties as well as information and further education.

The members are made up of 10 industry associations (collective members) and around 200 companies (individual members), mainly SMEs.

Our individual members come primarily from the following sectors:

  • 20% chemicals
  • 15% pharmaceutical, biotechnology, laboratory
  • 15% varnish + paints
  • 10% disposal
  • Various more

Download the statutes of the association

The statutes are on the German or French side.