The committee represents ECO SWISS externally and is responsible for the strategic management of the association. It currently consists of these members:

Dr. Thomas Hefti
President ECO SWISS, Council of States canton Glarus

Dr. Michael Matthes
Vice President, scienceindustries, Zurich

Manfred Wellauer
Swiss Professional Association of the Automobile, Bern

Fabian Bilger
Avenergy Suisse, Zurich

Martin Rahn

Ivo Rüegg
CHT Switzerland AG, Montlingen

Dieter Zaugg
EcoServe International AG, Buchs

Sascha Grunder
Touring Club Switzerland, Emmen

Sean Burgess - Represents two associations
Association of the Swiss Lubricant Industry, Winterthur
Swiss Union of the Varnish and Paint Industry, Winterthur