The association ECO SWISS wants to promote environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection in industrial and commercial companies.

In addition, the association also understands the practical and subject-related participation in shaping legislation. For this reason, the association takes part in relevant consultations, e.g. B. of the federal government and is based on its political guidelines.

The association offers - within the scope of its possibilities - support in the implementation of regulations. It offers industrial companies in selected areas services and advice to ensure compliance with official requirements.

ECO SWISS also promotes the exchange between the members of the association and the various actors on these topics. For this purpose, conferences are held or the association draws attention to relevant, external conferences.

An important purpose of the association is to provide information in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection. The association should offer or mediate further education and training on these topics.

The club does not strive for profit.