Air hygienic emission measurements

Air hygienic emission measurements are based on legal regulations (Air Quality Ordinance) and are an indispensable tool for controlling and maintaining livable air quality. They perform the following tasks:

  • Control for compliance with legal standards: Periodic air hygiene emission measurements in accordance with LRV Art. 13
  • Air hygiene inspection of new and renovated systems (limit and guaranteed value controls)
  • Efficiency testing of exhaust gas purification processes (thermal and catalytic afterburning, filter media, scrubbers, etc.)
  • Provision of data for calculating incentive taxes (VOC, CO2)
  • Process measurements as part of environmental management systems

Air hygiene emission measurements are often carried out at the request of the cantonal authorities. But they are also an instrument in your environmental planning and a first step towards reducing environmental pollution.

We offer

  • From small oil furnaces to industrial multi-fuel furnaces, from chemical mixing and processing plants to the comprehensive measurement of a waste incineration plant, from the exhaust air of a laboratory to the emissions of a tank farm: We measure the quality and quantity of exhaust gases on these and many other systems.
  • We advise you on the creation of measurement programs. At your request, we will carry out clarifications with authorities.
  • We would be happy to support you with the organization and planning of periodic measurements of your system.
  • You can rely on us for accuracy and objectivity. You receive the emissions data from your system in the form of clearly presented measurement reports.

Your advantages

  • You benefit from our know-how in measuring methods.
  • You receive an assessment of the measurement results in comparison with the LRV limit values.
  • The data from a measurement campaign often enables systems to increase their efficiency. This creates savings opportunities.
  • Transparency in the material flows of your processes improves your standards in terms of environmental protection, resource consumption and image.

Contact us with Mail to request available measurement appointments. If capacities are available, we will be happy to provide you with an offer.

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