Participation in FCOS industry solution

ECO SWISS offers a FCOS (Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety) certified industry solution to meet the legal requirements in occupational health and safety.

With the FCOS industry solution, participating companies can meet the requirements of the Ordinance on the Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Illnesses and the FCOS Directive 6508 on the involvement of occupational physicians and other occupational safety specialists (ASA Directive) to protect the health and safety of employees.

The aim is to reduce occupational accidents, occupational diseases, work-associated health problems and near misses.
This is achieved by promoting safe action and health in general.
Industry associations such as scienceindustries, Swiss Biotech Association and others support the industry solution of the non-profit association ECO SWISS.

The industry solution meets the requirements of the FCOS; the description of the industry solution can be found on the federal government's website at: FCOS industry solution

Application for membership/participation in the industry solution

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Phone number
Number of employees

As an ECO SWISS club member, the company not only receives more favorable conditions for joining the FCOS industry solution, it also has access to the entire range of information, training and services from ECO SWISS in corporate environmental protection.

Application for participation in the FCOS industry solution

Costs of FCOS industry solution

One-off entry fee for up to 20 employees CHF 1,700 excl. VAT
One-off entry fee for 21 or more employees CHF 2,100 excl. VAT
Annual costs for a company without ECO SWISS membership CHF 35 excl. VAT
Annual costs for a company with ECO SWISS membership CHF 280 excl. VAT
Annual costs per employee (FTE 100) without ECO SWISS membership CHF 50 excl. VAT
Annual costs per employee (FTE 100) with ECO SWISS membership CHF 40 excl. VAT

Cancellation of participation in FCOS industry solution

Termination must be made in writing 6 months before the end of a calendar year.
The annual fee for the current year is owed in any case.
If the termination occurs after the first half of the year, the following year is generally also due.