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Membership ECO SWISS

Membership of ECO SWISS is open to all companies and organizations in the economy as well as public companies. Our goal is to address the widest possible spectrum of business and to bring together all interested parties who advocate self-responsibility in environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection.

You get the opportunity to exchange ideas with other SMEs about practice-oriented environmental protection and benefit from free specialist conferences and advice. The office will help you with questions relating to environmental protection and legal bases.
The bulletin, which is usually published quarterly, also informs you about changes in legislation and current topics.

Procedure joining ECO SWISS

Complete the online membership application form. Your registration is binding. You will then receive confirmation of your membership from us as well as all the necessary documents and information. If you have any questions beforehand, do not hesitate to contact us.

Application for membership of ECO SWISS (association)

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Application for ECO SWISS

Application for ECO SWISS membership

Annual fees

Company up to 5 employees CHF 520 excl. VAT
Company 6 to 20 employees CHF 600 excl. VAT
Company from 21 employees CHF 780 excl. VAT